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Our Class Memberships


Our A Way Of Life membership enables you to attend 4 classes per month. You're not tied to the same class each week so if you can't make your regular class feel free to come along to another. 

Your classes aren't set to 1 per week either, so if you're going away or have other commitments you can use all 4 classes at any point within the month how ever you like.


Are you looking to be The Real Deal? This membership gives you access to 8 classes per month, these can also be used at any of the classes on our timetable and you can spread your classes out however you like over the month. 

This is a great membership to help you achieve your goal and give you an around training programme. 


It’s time to be In It To Win It! With this membership you have unlimited access to all of our classes. By picking this membership you can have a complete training programme and coach all week, every week! All our classes are programmed to fit with this membership, if you attend 6-7 classes per week you will have everything you need in your programme. 

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