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Fitness Classes in York

Looking to surround yourself with fun, positive people who encourage you to do the best you can? At MoreTone Fitness we make sure fitness is fun and always supportive! If you're ready to achieve your goal, make friends and get fit this is the place for you!

What to expect:

  • A welcoming community of members

  • Flexibility to book classes online to suit your diary

  • Variety - no two classes are the same, we like to keep things interesting

  • A fun and friendly atmosphere where we all support one another

  • Most importantly - expect RESULTS!

Friendly support from all members
Challenge each other to give 100%
Celebrate success together

"Let the enthusiasm and energy of the group be your fuel!"

- Susan Trainor -

About our Fitness Classes


This class is designed for everyone, if you want to lose weight and become MoreToned this class is perfect for you! At MoreToned we use simple but effective exercises to get your whole body working. The equipment used in class consists mainly of kettlebells, dumbbells, cardio machines and sometimes boxing to ensure you get a varied and rewarding workout.



MoreFit is programmed to take your health and fitness to the next level.  In this class we bring functional fitness, Olympic lifting and a whole lot more together to bring a new dimension to your fitness programme. 


Our yoga class with Kat is the perfect session to improve flexibility, core strength and practice yoga in our new studio with an experienced and motivational teacher. 



Boxing with MoreTone Fitness is all about getting fit, having fun and building confidence in a controlled and friendly environment! Our boxing classes are suitable for everyone and all equipment is provided.

Class Programmes

All classes are programmed in weekly blocks to work together. This means if you’re looking for a complete training package you can attend up to 5 classes per week (with the In It To Win It membership) which will ensure you achieve your goal to become stronger, MoreToned, and MoreFit without having to go somewhere else like a gym or personal trainer. 

About our Classes
Join the MoreTone Community

Join the MoreTone Fitness Community

If you're ready to get started and want to join the MoreTone Community, pick from one of our membership plans to suit you.

All memberships give you access to any class and can be used at any time throughout the month. You’ll also get lifetime access to the MoreTone Fitness community group where you’ll find motivation, support, workouts, and more.


A Way of Life 
4 Classes per month | £24.99 

Saving £9 per month vs individual class bookings

The Real Deal
8 Classes per month | £39.99

Saving £28 per month vs individual class bookings

In It to Win It
Unlimited Classes | £59.99
How much you save is entirely up to you!



Still have questions?

No problem, get in touch today to arrange a free initial chat with Jason our lead coach.

Membership Plans

Prices shown are paid monthly plans, and there's no tie-in, we just ask for 2 weeks notice to cancel!

Membership Plans

Class Timetable

18:00-19:00 Boxing
19:00-20:00 MoreTo

06:15-07:00 MoreToned
18:30-19:30 MoreFit

07:30-08:00 HIIT
12:00-12:45 MoreToned 
18:00-19:00 Yoga

06:15-07:00 MoreFit
18:00-19:00 Boxing
19:00-20:00 MoreToned

12:00-12:45 MoreToned

09:00-10:00 MoreFit

Class Timetable

Member Reviews

KT, July 2022

Really great sessions! Jason finds a way to make the sessions challenging for everyone, no matter your level of strength or fitness, so it's really inclusive. Great way to get fitter and stronger, and also improve technique thanks to Jason's guidance. Would really recommend.

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