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Make a change - It only gets better once you get started!

We've all been there, staring at our phone scrolling down the Instagram feed and seeing all the 'influencers' doing upside down sit ups, while doing a handstand, on a unicycle... juggling. Why do they make out that these crazy exercise routines, meal plans of just raw meat or just 12 asparagus sandwiches a day?

It's because you wouldn't pay attention if they just told you the truth or what you need to do to lose weight or get fit, and that's because the truth is boring!

Let's keep this so simple:

Goal = Lose weight

Answer = Consume less calories than you burn

Let me explain, if you burn 2000 calories each day and consume 1800 calories each day you'll lose weight. The gap between the two numbers depends on how fast you'll lose the weight. But remember we need calories to live, cut them too low and you'll start feeling tired, irritated and other negative things which doesn't help sustain a weight loss goal. If you continue to burn 2000 calories each day but you start consuming 2400 calories each day you'll then find yourself in a calorie surplus and that results in weight gain.

So, burn more calories, consume less calories and weight loss will happen (this takes longer than a day, stay consistent).

Goal = Get fitter

Answer = Move more

This one is just like the weight loss goal, but simpler! If you sit down 12 hours in a day, you move around 5 hours and lay in bed for 7 try this! Sit down for 5 hours, move round for 12 hours and lay down for 7. Ok I know it sometimes can't be as simple as that and is very job dependent but you get my logic. Move more. Instead of sitting and watching TV get out to the gym, or for a jog. If you sit down during your lunch break at work after sitting at a desk all day why not get your lunch and eat it while out on a walk? Just move more, when that becomes easy, make it harder!

It doesn't have to be complicated, move more, eat less rubbish and reduce the time doing things you know aren't good for you (this is not me saying stop doing the things you love everything is fine in moderation!)

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